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How we optimized 15 funnels to bring in $535,795 new monthly revenue


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Harry Molyneux
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Luma Nutrition

Luma Nutrition, founded by a former US Army Infantry Officer, specializes in high-quality, all-natural supplements designed to enhance health and wellness. Known for products like berberine and resveratrol, they turned to DTC Pages for comprehensive CRO solutions to boost online conversions and maximize their impact.

The Challenge

Each of Luma's 15 products has it's own funnel, with a landing page, advertorial page, and product page. This is where new customers would land, learn about the brand, and make their first purchase. Meanwhile the main website domain was primarily just for returning customers. This meant a we needed to approach each page with different intent and optimize accordingly.

Our Approach


Landing Page Optimization

Instead of crafting new landing pages for each product, we used what was already working as a foundation and optimized the pages through 10s of successful content tests.


Offer Optimization

We ran a number of offer tests, including the number of bottles offered in a bundle until we found the combination that drove the most revenue per website visitor.


Site-wide Optimization

We optimized the full-site experience, targeting primarily returning visitors who were back for their second purchase, from direct and email traffic sources.

Example Tests

The Results:


New Revenue Added


Winning A/B tests

What they said about us:

5 star rating
Amazing team. Incredible value!

Amazing team. They understand CRO at a deep level.

Their design and coding skills are top level. They bring incredible ideas to test and then implement them.

The revenue boost you will get from their site improvements will pay for their service costs 10x over.

Founder, Luma Nutriton
Jake Langley
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