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$672,561 Monthly revenue added through data-driven A/B testing


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Harry Molyneux
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Bums & Roses

Bums & Roses is a premier baby wear brand known for its ultra-soft, eco-friendly bamboo fabric clothing. Founded with a focus on comfort and sustainability, the brand offers stylish and durable baby and toddler apparel.

The Challenge

B&R stand out from the rest by boasting a 70k+ private Facebook community with weekly limited edition product drops that their fans love.

They partnered with DTC Pages to open their top of funnel, get more customers to try their irresistible fabrics, and widen their fanbase. With a catalogue that grew by the week it was vital to find new ways to get customers to find the types of products they'd love.

Our Approach


Product Page Optimization

We used the product page to merchandise the store by making it effortless to hop between different product prints and product types.


Drop Day Urgency

We implemented a number of legitimate urgency tactics to make the store feel full of people, and let customer know on drop day that hot items were selling fast.


Why Their Fabric is Better

Adding new content to sell moms on why Bamboo safer, softer, and longer lasting than cotton would be key to converting cold traffic new to the brand.

Example Tests

The Results:


New Revenue


Winning AB Tests

What they said about us:

5 star rating
Can't recommend DTC Pages enough.

From the level of rigor and analysis they bring to each and every CRO challenge, to the fantastic design & creativity they use to solve them.

Overall this my review on DTC pages: Very happy and impressed to work with DTC pages to make a better site experience for our customers, and improve our CVR, AOV.

Andre Bouzout
Bums & Roses
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