We help scaling brands turn traffic into customers.

Skyrocket your eCommerce business with a CRO campaign that combines consumer psychology with great brand design and data analysis.

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The purpose of your advertising is to send high quality traffic to your store. And, we believe the purpose of your store is to win their purchase.

Yet most DTC stores only covert 1-3% of their hard-earned traffic. So we've designed a CRO method that increases conversions by:

Building trust and purchase confidence
Reducing friction points in the UX
Answering brand-relevant objections

In short, we find gaps in your conversion funnel, then we design, build, and test new elements on your store that are designed to do one of two things:

1. Help your users research a purchase

2. Help your users make a purchase

It's simple, but not easy. And, we've had to run hundreds of A/B tests to find our winning formula.

Here's how we applied our method to a DTC beauty brand. 👇

You spend thousands of marketing dollars sending users to your website. We turn users into customers.

Let us briefly explain how 👉👇
case study: flutterhabit.com

How we used A/B testing to increase conversion rate by 49%

Flutterhabit hired DTC Pages to improve their site's ability to generate revenue on a high volume of traffic. The following conversion boost was achieved using our testing methodology.
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Our 6 step process to optimize each page of your funnel

Data review

We start each test by looking at the data. What do heatmaps and analytics tell us, and what have we learned from previous tests?


Based on our research we create a hypothesis designed to get more users through your conversion funnel.


We build a pixel perfect design aligned perfectly with your brands guidelines. This give you a chance to give feedback and approve.


We use clean, fast code to build out the new feature to test. This ensures you don’t get the page slow down associated with an over reliance on Shopify apps.

Launch test

The test is pushed live to 50% of traffic. We run the test through a highly accurate statistical model to determine a clear winner.

Implementing the winner

Our standard for winners is high. We only implement changes that fall with a 90%+ statistical chance of increasing revenue per session.

Then, we start the process from the top!


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What the service includes:
Fully managed ongoing CRO campaign
Professionally designed UI/UX improvements
Shopify expert developer support
Weekly consulting sessions
Ongoing in-depth site performance audit
Ongoing development upgrades

And guaranteed results:

🔒 If we don’t improve your conversion rate within three months receive a full refund.
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Who you’ll be working with

We’re small on purpose. DTC Pages is a team of designers, developers, and data analysts that have skin in the eCommerce game.

We bring results because we work closely with our clients, rather than handing you off to an account manager who doesn’t understand your business

We integrate well with DTC brands that have a great product and a hungry audience, but not the technical or design expertise to constantly update their site to maximize its performance.

If you’re in charge of a 7 or 8 figure eCommerce business and want to squeeze more revenue from your exisiting traffic book a discovery call today.

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